A bit about us.

Just enough to whet your appetite

Plenty of companies can tell you how video can propel a brand. What most forget, or choose to ignore, is that it can be done economically without sacrificing quality.

Then there’s us. Like cats on a roof, we see things from a different point of view. We think every brand has a character, and relish the opportunity to create a story around it—whether it’s fifteen seconds or two hours. And because we’re equal parts creative agency and production house, we make stuff happen without you having to navigate an endless list of vendors.

How it works.

Generally smooth and without regret.

Every good relationship starts with small talk. We’ll chat about what you need your video to do, and you’ll share any key messaging or goals. Once it’s mutually decided how awesome we are together, we’ll move onto the juicy stuff.

The creative. We’ll ideate and write up a short treatment that describes the video and how it addresses your needs. Don’t worry, we brainstorm with budget in mind to make sure we deliver something producible at your price point. If you like what you see, we’ll move on to script writing and pre-production. We’re all about collaboration, value your feedback, and think you’ll find us a responsive and dependable bunch.

Now it’s time for production. We execute projects from start to finish, either in house or with a trusted partner. That flexibility allows us to produce projects that won’t break the bank. We keep our crews nimble and lean, avoiding the bloat that cripples some agencies. But of course, we always love having you on set.

Finally, we finish. That’s everything from editing, music, sound design, graphics, you know, post-production. You’ll see cuts along the way to make sure we’re shaping the concept as planned, then deliver the final product at whatever specs you need.